Basser Live - Tatsu Aoki



Recorded live at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago May 30, 1998 "From Tradition to the Future - Solo Recital", a celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

  1. Introduction - Peter Taub, MCA 0:36
  2. Wed Lock 9:39
  3. Fly Dee 6:32
  4. A night 9:01
  5. Rain Dance 10:16
  6. Roaches 6:09
  7. Fisherman's Song 8:30
  8. Eigen 10:37
  9. Sukiyakki - Ue O Muite Arukou ** 7:18

All compositions except **(R.Ei & H.Nakamura) created by Tatsu Aoki-SSD Pub.CO./ASCAP.

Asian Improv Records AIR0046

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Album Description, Editorial Review

"This is one concert I truly regret missing, a solo bass concert attended by an unprecedented crowd of nearly 300 people. Hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago on Saturday evening May 30, 1998, From Tradition to the Future featured Tatsu Aoki with guest percussionists John Sagami on Japanese taiko drum and Paul Kim on the Korean buk, and with visual artists Amy Lee Sagami.

For Tatsu Aoki, a solo bass concert is a familiar presentation, he already has six solo bass recordings distributed internationally. However for this record breaking event, Aoki, who happens to also be a critically-acclaimed filmmaker and lecturer at the Art Institute of Chicago, chose to blend the "painting on water" improvisations of Segami into his performance, and to add Asian drums to the opening selection Wed Lock and Fisherman's Song. This recording of that remarkable performance is a cogent capsule of a mature artist with an original perspective, an uncomonly creative talent getting his groove on.
-- Anthony Brown, Ph.D., Director, Asian American Orchestra

Mark Corroto,
Until the digital revolution came, bass solos sounded a lot like the opening of Saving Private Ryan, the band would layout while the bassist plays, “boom, hiss, pop, strum, pop, crack"…etc. And since the woofer has found popularity with not only b-boys but serious jazz fans wishing to hear that bottom end. Enter the bass solo album, a treat for stay-at-home listener. I have been partial to recent solo efforts by Dave Holland Ones All (Intuition), Michael Formanek Am I Bothering You? (Screwgun) and Tatsu Aoki, who has releases his seventh solo effort. Aoki, born in Japan, was trained in traditional instruments like the Shamisen and Taiko as well as the piano and guitar. He later went on to study English at Ohio University and while watching Duke Ellington’s band, he was inspired to pick up the bass. He started with the electric bass and rock bands but quickly graduated to the upright bass and improvisational music. Today he teaches film at The Art Institute of Chicago and can be found in many jazz configurations including his Power Trio and Saxophonist Fred Anderson’s band. Presented here is a live recording in from Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art where Aoki shared the stage with visual artist Amy Lee Segami. He is also joined by two percussionists, playing a korean Buk and the Japanese Taiko drum, for a couple tunes. As a soloist Aoki can walk a bass line or improvise an arco section sending you through an imaginary reverbing soundscape. Paired with drummers, he can groove in multiple languages. Tatsu Aoki is quite a talented bassist and improviser, and this release is well worth your attention.

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