Live at Blue Rider Theatre - Tatsu Aoki



All songs created and performed by Tatsu Aoki.
Recorded live at Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago, Illinois on July 26, 1996.

  1. Garden Work 10:19
  2. Pride 4:30
  3. Depressingly Happy '96 8:34
  4. Lead by the nose 4:21
  5. Kioto - What's that? 6:51
  6. Building - Structural Damage 7:20
  7. Bibimbop Bebop 3:44
  8. Playground 6:39
  9. Baby Walker Blues 5:39
  10. Eigen 4:05
  11. Steel Toe 3:44

Innocent Eyes & Lenses IEL 0004

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Album Description, Editorial Review

Alex Henderson, All Music Guide
Many of Tatsu Aoki's 90s albums found the Chicagoan playing unaccompanied acoustic solo bass -- a format that would be a tough sell even for Ray Brown or Stanley Clarke, but is especially hard to market when you're a little known avant-garde player like Aoki. Thankfully, a lack of commercial appeal didn't prevent Aoki from following his creative instincts and playing unaccompanied, which is what he does on Live at the Blue Rider Theater. Recorded at that Windy City venue on July 26, 1996, this CD finds Aoki in excellent form on such eerie, oddly introspective originals as "KIOTO, What's That?," "Baby Walker Blues" and "Depressingly Happy '96." This is uncompromising music -- completely outside and right out of the Roscoe Mitchell/AACM school of avant-garde playing. Aoki's live performance isn't terribly accessible, but if you're adventurous enough to give this album a chance, the rewards are certainly there.

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