Chicago Time Code - Francis Wong with Tatsu Aoki, Sparrow



In the art of spontaneous creation, a musician, actor, dance, or monologist uniquely opens a window into his or her soul. So you might well expect visions of the East in this first meeting between Tatsu Aoki, the Japanese-born bassist who has often explored his own native musical roots, and the Sino-American saxophonist Francis Wong - the co-founder and president of Asian Improv Arts, and a trusted contributor to ethnocentric jazz projects by Jon Jang, among others. - Neil Tesser, from liner notes.

  1. Soundcheck 2:24
  2. 12:45 7:44
  3. Spirits 4:52
  4. 1:03 2:31
  5. 1:08 7:10
  6. 1:22 7:02
  7. 1:32 2:10
  8. 1:49 17:52
  9. Chicago Time Code 8:31
  10. End Credits 5:47

All compositions by Francis Wong and Tatsu Aoki.

Asian Improv Records AIR0019

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