Fire with Von Freeman



Making a jazz record should be a social occasion. It could be a ritual where a revered text by Ellington or Monk is recited or maybe like the dozens with one horn player trying to out boast the other. But the best jazz comes from sessions that are like people getting together - some old friends, some who have never met - for dinner and conversation. - Dave Helland, from liner notes

  1. The Thin Line 5:30
  2. Night Music 5:38
  3. A Sparrow 8:51
  4. Tatsu's Groove 6:04
  5. I Need Something 3:33
  6. Mode For Von 10:33
  7. Blank White Page 2:20
  8. Sudden Duet 2:07
  9. Michael's Choice 5:37
  10. Clinton (George, That Is) 12:12

Southport S-SSD 003

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