Fred Anderson Quartet Vol 1



Recorded live at the Velvet Lounge during 1998 season

  1. The Moon Song 14:10
  2. Dark Day 10:57
  3. Get It Right 22:22
  4. Three On Two 22:49

Asian Improv Records AIR0049

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Album Description, Editorial Review

Mark Corroto,
Approaching 70, saxophonist Fred Anderson is beginning to receive recognition beyond his beloved Chicago. A founding member of AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) Anderson walks a comfortable line between soul and free jazz. This live disc recorded at Chicago's Velvet Lounge has to be considered for many a fan's top ten discs of the year. Anderson sounds like a mellow Ornette Coleman on tenor, especially with the addition of Bill Brimfield on trumpet. Kind of like Charles Gayle for adults. The grooves, while not laid back, are some of the most accessible and enjoyable free music I've heard. No gratuitous squeaks or squawks, Anderson's style is creamy, heavy whipping cream. This release follows two quietly successful discs, Fred (Southport Records) and Fred Anderson/DVK Trio (Okka Disc). The measured groove laid down by drummer Chad Taylor and bassist Tatsu Aoki on "Three on Two" comes straight from the classic Coltrane quartet era, and Anderson calls upon Trane, Albert Ayler and Sonny Rollins for his sound. Fred Anderson is a national treasure, worthy of all the acclaim this disc will thrust upon him.

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