Early Abstractions - Francis Wong Trio with Tatsu Aoki & Chad Taylor


Recorded Live, July 10, 2008 at 1st International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR, Poznan', POLAND www.animator-festival.com.


  1. Early Abstractions ... for Harry Smith (11:04)
  2. Cross Country (8:18)
  3. Return to Alishan (6:17)
  4. Taylorism (8:17)
  5. Swing to Tatsu (6:40)
  6. The Animator Suite (22:21)
  7. To Poznan' With Love (5:27)

All compositions by Francis Wong, Tatsu Aoki, Chad Taylor

Estrada Poznan'ska MIC02
5 907796 319024

Francis Wong Trio with Tatsu Aoki & Chad Taylor

Album Description, Editorial Review

Recorded Live, July 10, 2008 at 1st International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR, Poznan', POLAND www.animator-festival.com.

Harry Smith EARLY ABSTRACTIONS (c) Harry Smith Archives, www.harrysmitharchives.com.

"A new live recording from my performance last year at Animator Festival in Poznan, Poland will soon be available on CD. Released by Estrada Poznan, this recording features Tatsu Aoki on Bass and Chad Taylor on Drums. It is called Early Abstractions, named for the animated film presentation of Harry Smith's work for which we were asked to provide sound accompaniment at the Festival. It is an honor to have a really nice document of the work and the relationship that we have with our friends in Poland!"
- FrancisWong, Sunday, 05 July 2009


What an honor to accompany Harry Smith's work in this most significant festival! And what good fortune - double happiness! - that this concert was so expertly captured and edited by Eryk Koztowski and Kasia Palicka - Koztowska. It is certainly a high point in my life to have performed with my friends Tatsu Aoki and Chad Taylor in the Animator Festival, celebrating the long lasting contributions of this art form to our global humanity.

The music in this recording was collectively spontaneously composed in-the-moment-improvised-that evening. And in so many ways it was the environment of the gathering that week in Poznan that provided the inspirational impetus for our creative adventure.

Tatsu, an accomplished film maker, served on the Festival jury, was treated to the breadth and depth of the entries to this firs animation festival in Poznan.

In a rare moment of rest during the festival, the tireless Director (and this CD's producer) Wojciech Juszczak shared with me the story of the historic role of animation artists in Poland's democratic culture - providing the motivation for perhaps the culminating piece of the evening, The Animator Suite.

Great thanks to Wojciech and ESTRADA POZNAN'SKA for this opportunity to share in the celebration, to perform our music, and to enjoy the tremendous hospitality of the audience that evening. It was a joyous moment.

In Unity In sound.
Francis Wong
San Francisco, USA

Early Abstractions

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