If It Wasn't For Paul - Tatsu Aoki + Sparrow



'If It Wasn't For Paul' is named after Paul Smith, an engineer and longtime associate of Aoki's, who recommended Sparrow for the project. That Sparrow rejects limitations as ardently as Aoki is no news to those many followers who have cottoned to his classically splashed jazz recitals, genre-busting efforts with Sparrow Shortwave and 'The Desert Rat Suite', a hugely ambitious concept album on the theme of a music apocalypse.
- Lloyd Sachs, liner notes

  1. Bamboo Strut 7:52
  2. Dracula 10:07
  3. Someday Free 3:18
  4. Ants 7:11
  5. Tatsu Solo 4:23
  6. Return Of Dracula 5:21
  7. What Can I Say 3:46
  8. First Day 10:50
  9. Sparrow Solo 4:16
  10. Shark 3:45

Southport S-SSD 0034

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