Jeff Chan's Horns of Plenty - Tatsu Aoki



Jeff Chan
Edward Wilkerson Jr.
Francis Wong
Tatsu Aoki
special guest Lewis Jordan featuring Jimmy Ellis


  1. Up Above (Chan) 10:21
  2. Licorice Stick Licorice Stick and Nice Like (Chan/Wilkerson/Wong) 5:31
  3. Waiting (Chan) 10:52
  4. Decisions (Chan) 10:06
  5. Song for Ava (Chan) 5:24
  6. Strutting with Tatsu (Aoki/Chan/Wilkerson/Wong) 4:52
  7. Alishan (Traditional) 6:43

    Total time: 53:47

Asian Improv Records AIR0077

Album Description, Editorial Review

Horns of Plenty (AIR0077) marks multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeff Chan’s third release as a leader. Chan made the mover from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chicago in 2002 in order to take part in the rich musical landscape that the City of Broad Shoulders has to offer. Horns of Plenty documents the partnerships Chan has developed over the last seven years with musicians from both the West Coat and the Midwest. It also marks a change in direction from his previous recorded work. Eschewing the reassuring presence of a drummer, this latest outing takes on a “chamber music” quality and focuses on the dynamics between the horns of Chan (tenor saxophone and bass clarinet), Chicago’s Ed Wilkerson Jr. (tenor saxophone and clarinets) and Francis Wong (tenor saxophone and flute) of San Francisco. Rhythm and groove are by no means discarded as bassist and Chicago music scene stalwart, Tatsu Aoki, lays down the pulse on which the music is built. Special guest alto saxophonists Lewis Jordan of the Bay Area and Chicago musical legend Jimmy Ells are highlighted on this album, which features a balanced mix of original compositions, improvisations, and traditional songs.

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