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Tatsu Aoki's re:ROOTED project is the culmination of a community based project exploring Asian identity and cultural integration through the sounds of the drum, and marrying traditional and unconventional musical instruments and forms.

  1. Episode ONE (15:46)
  2. Episode TWO (8:02)
  3. Episode THREE (5:25)
  4. Shadow to Shadow and Beyond (6:47)
  5. Lacquer (17:21)
  6. Gate (18:46)

July 25, 2006
Southport Records / ASIN: B000HA43KQ

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Album Description, Editorial Review

re: Rooted continues the concept of Aoki's 2001composition commissioned by the Jazz Institute of Chicago. Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune called it "an eloquent, often dramatic merger of ancient Japanese music and experimental American jazz."

Aoki has written, "Who we are is what we sound like, and what we sound like is who we are." On this recording, Aoki returns to the theme with a new configuration of The Miyumi Project to express this unique new form of the music: Asian American jazz.

"Drumming is an oral tradition, passed up through the ages in many cultures. Tatsu carries on this tradition; a documentarian of life in the big village." -Lauren Deutsch, Executive Director, Jazz Institute of Chicago.

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