A Symphony Of Cities - Famoudou Don Moye + Tatsu Aoki



  1. Afro Asian Reflections
  2. Promise
  3. Ode To Wilbur Ware
  4. Tokyomad Tonal Efficiency
  5. Soba Soba

ASIN: B0000665RA

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Album Description, Editorial Review

Southport Records joins forces with San Francisco sister label, Asian Improv Records for the release of "A Symphony Of Cities." Famed international drummer/percussionist/composer and poet Famoudou Don Moye joins forces with Chicago-based bassist/composer/film maker and producer Tatsu Aoki on this epic yet intimate series of improvised and composed duos. On several selections the work of West Coast sax great Francis Wong and Chicago whistle/flute ace Joel Brandon are added to the duo settings.

Moye who has been with The Art Ensemble Of Chicago for over two decades is known the world over for his knowledge base of world percussion. He is a one man human percussion symphony that laughs in the face of tradition. The subtle yet aggressive work of Tatsu Aoki paints sheets of sound and light that pull at the tempo and various modes of expression. "A Symphony Of Cities" is not only a musical ode to clarity and perfection but a comment on the ever changing social and racial conditions the world bears. There is no jazz. There is no classical. There is no black. There is no white. There is no Asian. There is only the joy of creatures creating sounds that lift and shimmer.

Southport Records has existed in the shadows of major record labels for 25 years. As we approach 100 projects, produced and recorded by artists for the world we continue to defy reason and tradition. Media, we appreciate your support!

John MacCalkies-New City
"Wong's tenor bludgeonings shape the mood on 'TokyoMad Tonal Efficiency,' he salutes and screams schizophrenically on survival isle as Brandon' s flute curlicues whip up a giddy storm around him and Aoki augurs the descent of spacecraft behind palm trees arching under the giant boar jaw tuggings of Moye's kit and caboodle."

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