The New World - Bradley Parker-Sparrow


"This was an aggregation of like-minded and cross-cultural musicians. "The New World" brought forth the synthesis of all the colors and sounds this group was capable of producing. -Joanie Pallatto, Producer (from Liner Notes)


  2. THE NEW WORLD (11:22)
  3. PINWHEEL (11:41)
  4. WALK WITH ME (3:29)
  5. TICO'S LUST (12:40)
  6. SECRET CODE (6:08)
  7. SKIP HOP (9:27)
  8. EVERY DAY (4:43)

Asian Improv Records AIR0076
UPC: 708096007629


Sparrow, born and raised on east 47th Street in Chicago responds to the art and music of Kanye West. The streets existed before Kanye, and Kanye follows several proud generations of Chicago composers that have tried to sweat out a living... all the way back to Louis Armstrong, Earl Fatha Hines, and Ramsey Lewis. Sparrow is a link, and Kanye is a link. And now that Hip Hop and dance is 30 years old, it must pay respect to the sounds around it. "Kanye, OK OK (She Wants A Jazz Man)" Music Video is directed by Joanie Pallatto. (c) 2008 Southport Records. Music & Lyrics: Bradley Parker-Sparrow. Musicians: Bradley Parker-Sparrow-vocal/rap/programming, Joanie Pallatto-background vocals, Tatsu Aoki-bass, Francis Wong-tenor saxophone; Performance: Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Magic the Dog.

Bradley Parker-Sparrow plays a live version of "Tico's Lust" that tells the age old story of romantic love and desire by way of the 9' Baldwin Concert Grand Piano. From "The Black Romantic" - Bradley Parker-Sparrow, solo piano - the new CD on Southport Records (c) 2009. Music Video is directed by Joanie Pallatto. Music & Performance: Bradley Parker-Sparrow.

Album Description, Editorial Review

"This was an aggregation of like-minded and cross-cultural musicians. "The New World" brought forth the synthesis of all the colors and sounds this group was capable of producing. -Joanie Pallatto, Producer (from Liner Notes)

"The New World" is the first release from Asian Improv Records (AIR) with pianist and composer Bradley Parker-Sparrow as a leader. AIR is based in San Francisco, California and has been a "sister" label to Southport Records for many years. The collaboration has produced a series of CDs and concerts, from a live performance in 1996 in San Francisco of "FIRE with Von Freeman" at the Asian American Jazz Festival to four of "The Miyumi Project" recordings.

"Overture: The New World" opens the CD and began as a synth track that Sparrow created, based on Dvorak's "New World Symphony." Aoki added bowed bass, with Wong on tenor sax. Aoki's shamisen and Sampaio's berimbau provided the underlying groove for Wong's shinobue (bamboo flute) to float above, while Sparrow snuck in a myriad of effects with piano harp, harmonica and calimba on Track 2, "The New World." Track 3, "Pinwheel" features wordless vocals by Pallatto with a groove from Sampaio. The CD continues with Sparrow/Wong duets, free-wheeling excursions, and spoken word creations. Sparrow created and programmed the tracks for "Kanye, OK OK (She Wants A Jazz Man)", Track 11, and added Aoki (on electric bass), Wong (on tenor sax) and Pallatto's background vocals, and posted a video on youtube!

Bradley Parker-Sparrow is founder and co-owner of Southport Records and Sparrow Sound Design Recording Studio in Chicago. Sparrow is a pianist, composer, recording engineer, record producer, writer, real estate company owner/partner and is a general contractor for construction. Sparrow was born in Chicago in 1954, and is self taught in all disciplines.

Francis Wong is a prolific recording artist, youth mentor, composer, artistic director, community activist, non-profit organization manager, consultant, music producer, and academic lecturer. Key vehicles for his work are Asian Improv aRts, the company he co-founded with Jon Jang and as a Senior Fellow at the Wildflowers Institute.

Tatsu Aoki is a prolific artist, composer, musician, educator and a consummate bassist. He works in a wide range of musical styles, ranging from traditional Asian music and jazz, to creative free and experimental music, and is founder and artistic director of the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, and is president of Asian Improv Records.

Described by Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as having "a stirring and special voice", Joanie Pallatto has expertise in all aspects of musical production, and is partner at Southport Records and SSD Recording Studio. Ded? Sampaio was Brazilian born in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. With 25 years of studio experience, Sampaio has conducted clinics and taken part in varied educational programs in the US.

These 11 tracks were recorded in November of 2008 at Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago, IL "The Library" by engineer/producer Joanie Pallatto. All vintage tube mics were used in the recording, including 2 Neumann M49's and the famed AKG-C12 on the Baldwin SD-10 9' Concert Grand Piano, along with the EMT 140S plate reverb, e.q. from the Pultec EQP 1A and Lexicon PCM-41 as pre-delay at the new SSD. Original compositions and Improvisations by Bradley Parker-Sparrow (ASCAP).

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