Trio - Aoki Hunsinger Jarman



"Jarman, a one-man-band drew long silken phrases from a variety of wind instruments with remarkable delicacy and grace. "
"With Aoki's propulsive lines on bass one moment, Japanes drums the next, the musicmaking never lacked for rhythmic drive."
"Hunsinger beautifully adapted to the rhythmically loose jazz-based improvisational language at the core of Jarman and Aoki's work."
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

  1. Consequences
  2. Larsen B
  3. Cape Of Needles
  4. Powerhouse
  5. LD50
  6. Dryad
  7. Hornswoggled
  8. eye to eye
  9. Procession
  10. Requiem

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Album Description, Editorial Review

Free jazz meets Asian lyricism meets the intimacy and intensity of chamber music. Art Ensemble of Chicago legend Joseph Jarman, Asian American jazz pioneer Tatsu Aoki and cutting-edge orchestral oboist Robbie Lynn Hunsinger carve out new ground. They've created 'a different kind of jazz album...there is little chaos and less machismo, a refreshing change from the athleticism of the male-dominated free-jazz scene." Aoki's bass "comes in like an earthmover, at once digging a deep foundation and dragging it out of place, creating a constant tremor of tension. All told...his effects and interruptions set up a theme: the ways even the most meditative individual, the solitude conjured up by Jarman and Hunsinger's winds, must contend with the menacing thrum of the insistent outside world." (quotes from the liner notes by Carl Wilson)

About the Artist
Tatsu Aoki, jazz bassist, born in Tokyo, drawn to Chicago in part by the legacy of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Collaborations include Fred Anderson, Mwata Bowden, Von Freeman. Chicagoan of the Year in 2001. Founded the Asian American Jazz Festival, currently heads up the Miyumi Project.

Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, avant garde oboist, Atlanta native, came to prominence with a landmark Marlboro recording of Schoenberg at age 19. Spent years playing oboe and English horn under the batons of Boulez, Solti, Barenboim, and Shaw. Struck out into the fields of composition, electronic music, instrument building and improvising. Collaborations include Michael Vorfeld and Douglas Garofalo. Has installed sound sculptures at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Thomas Blackman Gallery and the International Symposium of Electronic Arts.

Joseph Jarman, multi-reedist and percusionist, Chicago native and Buddhist priest, founding member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and the AACM, "a beacon for visionary jazz around the world since the 1960's". Deeply interested in the power of music to heal. Collaborations with Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, Myra Melford. Winner of many jazz awards.

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