Urban Reception - The Aoki,Wong,Pavkovic Trio



The Aoki/Wong/Pavkovic Trio's Urban Reception is like a cityscape seen through a camera lens that blurs, then focuses into sharp relief. -Art Lange, Pulse

  1. Francis Who? 9:00
  2. Rice Cake 8:45
  3. Welcome Home 2:40
  4. Back To Jazz 6:24
  5. Butterfly Swing 3:49
  6. Parking Lot 6:02
  7. Comforter 3:22
  8. Wheat Thin 4:17
  9. Urban Reception 20:45

Southport S-SSD 0039

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Album Description, Editorial Review

"Aoki- the protean and prodigious bassist whose musical contacts have established a link between Chicago and the San Francisco area.... "Urban Reception" features free improvising and hard swing.."

Album Description
Summer of '96 brings the release of "URBAN RECEPTION" featuring the powered improvisations of the AOKI/WONG/PAVKOVIC TRIO from SOUTHPORT RECORDS, Chicago. This direct to digital trio recording burns the landscape with vivid musical attacks blending bop, swing, modern, avant-garde, classical and Asian world forms. This is not music for the timid, but active passioned sound bytes.

Composer/bassist and SOUTHPORT producer Tatsu Aoki is the spiritual catalyst bringing noted tenor man Francis Wong (from San Francisco and ASIAN IMPROV RECORDS) into the SOUTHPORT camp with his Chicago label debut. Percussionist and drummer Dave Pavkovic weaves the rhythmic net that gives the ensemble its driving tempo. From Asia to Europe to The Americas there is a new audience of both young and old that hunger for a more dynamic form of jazz and new music that gives them more than the standard package.

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