Fred Anderson – On the Run: Live at the Velvet Lounge2017-10-03T17:29:43-05:00

Project Description

Fred Anderson – On The Run (Live at Velvet Lounge)

Anderson was one of the founders of the Assoc. for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Up to now, his individual sound had been under-documented, but this CD would help Fred to be recognized as an important musician in the Chicago tenor tradition, a style he helped shape in avant garde jazz. He owned the Velvet Lounge since the early ’80s & his Sunday jam sessions had since gained international recognition. This album also features Fred’s long-time cohorts, Tatsu Aoki on bass & Hamid Drake on drums, performing five new originals.

Track Listing

  1. Ladies In Love
  2. On The Run
  3. Smooth Velvet
  4. Tatsu’s Groove
  5. Hamid’s On Fire


  • Fred Anderson – sax
  • Tatsu Aoki – bass
  • Hamid Drake – drums

Released: March 2, 2004
Label: Asian Improv Records

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