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Project Description

Jonathan Chen Orchestra – Returns

Tatsu Aoki and Jonathan Chen began collaborating nearly 10 years ago while Chen was still based in Chicago. This new recording of their experimental music is their second release as an improvising duo. The recording, which was made in the spring of 2009 at EMPAC (the new Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center) in Troy, NY, represents an intensely focussed effort with variety in tone color being their chief aim. The sounds produced vary from full and lush to percussive with intermittent patches of silence. While some of the timbres may sound electronic due to the extended techniques sometimes employed by the players, the recording was actually made entirely on acoustic instruments: bass, violin and viola.

Track Listing

  1. No Difference
  2. Down
  3. Felt Tip
  4. De-Clime 2
  5. Ever Green
  6. Slight Lean
  7. Feeble



Released: 2010
Label: Asian Improv Records